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About reservation

  • Online reservation, availability can be confirmed.
    Reservations can be made without registering as a member.

Booking flow

STEP1Select plan from your desired accommodation plan or room type.
STEP2As the calendar is displayed, click "·" (or number) on the desired date of stay and proceed to the next.
STEP3Specify the number of guests, proceed to the next, check the number of people and proceed to the next.
STEP4Please enter your e-mail address. After agreeing to the Privacy Policy, proceed to the next step, and enter the required items in the e-mail sent to the e-mail address you entered.
STEP5After entering the mandatory item, click "next", reservation is completed by clicking "reservation" after confirmation.
A few minutes later, the reservation completion mail will arrive.※If you do not receive the email, please contact us.

About cancellation of reservation

STEP1Enter your reservation number and confirmation key from the reservation details inquiry page to confirm the details of the reservation.
STEP2As the reservation content is displayed, click "Cancel this reservation".
STEP3To add a confirmation e-mail destination, enter the e-mail address in "Send specification" and click "Cancel execution"

About reservation inquiry

  • The following functions are available.
    ■Confirmation of reservation contents /■Cancel reservation
    ※Reservation changes can not be made from WEB. Please cancel once and make a reservation again, please call us.