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traffic·Information on Surrounding Area

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Hotel Pao


3-12 Kanayama Town, Naka Ward, Hiroshima City

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15 minutes on foot from JR Hiroshima Station South Exit, 5 minutes by taxi, 2 minutes on foot from Hiroden Kanayamacho Station, about 20 minutes from Hatsukaichi and Hiroshima East Inter
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Osaka
    Sanyo Expressway Hiroshima IC to Route 54 to the city area ~ Hiroshima IC ~ R54 to Hiroshima city direction 20 minutes

    Parking:Present(1,050 yen/A night)
  • Access method from public transport

    ■Hiroshima Station take the city train "for Komiya-cho Direction" and get off at Kanayamacho Dentei.One minute on foot.
    ■Hiroshima Harbor, take the city train to To Hiroshima Station, get off at Kanayamacho, 1 minute walk.
    ■Take the city train "To Hiroshima Station" from the bus center and get off at Kanayamacho Dentei.One minute on foot.
    ■By car, it is about 5 minutes from JR Hiroshima Station, about 60 minutes from Hiroshima Airport, about 20 minutes from Ujina Port.
  • Miyajima, torii

    1 hour by car and ferry from the hotel
    The island where people and gods live together - World Heritage Itsukushima Shrine.Empress Suiko the first year, Saeki no Kuramoto is said to be built.
  • ■Shukkeien

    5 minutes by car from the hotel
    Hiroshima Feudal Lord Asano Nagaakira was built by Hiroshima Feudal Lord Asano Nagaakira as a garden of a separate residence since Yuwa 6 years, and the artist is Mr. Ueda Soko who is known as a tea man.
  • ■Hiroshima Castle

    10 minutes by car from the hotel
    Tensho years, Mori Motonari grandson, is Mouri Terumoto, was the castle over the course of 10 years on this earth is the base of land and sea.
  • ■Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

    10 minutes by car from the hotel
    An atomic bomb dropped by the US Army on August 6, 1945.It was constructed in order to appeal for the peace of mankind toward the world and not to repeat past mistakes.